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  • PartsConnexion
    Huge selection of audiophile and mechanical components for tube amplifiers - location: Canada

  • HifiCollective
    Great selection as well, good online shop with fast shipping - location: UK

  • JacMusic
    Selected components, Lundahl transformers, interesting newly manufactured tubes and NOS - location: Germany

  • Acoustic Dimension
    Choice catalogue, European source for Tango, Hashimoto and Tamura transformers - location: the Netherlands

  • Sowter Transformers
    British transformer manufacturer, uncomplicated production of transformers to your individual requirements

  • Lundahl Transformers
    Swedish transformer manufacturer with a wide selection of transformers for tube amplifiers and studio technology

    Wide selection, good descriptions - location: USA

  • TubeWorld
    Wide selection, clear grouping of the individual tube types - location: US

  • Frag´ Jan Zuerst --- Ask Jan First
    Treasure trove for nostalgics Old tubes & components & spare parts for amplifiers, radios and phones like in the good old days - location: Germany

You can also find interesting parts in the following shops which specialize in serving the very active scene of DIY guitar tube amplifiers:

Talking Shop about Tube Amplifiers

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Data Sheets and Manuals for Tubes and Transformers

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